Cross-Account Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Access for ECS

Deploying containerized applications on Amazon ECS using cross-account elastic container registries

Gary A. Stafford
17 min readApr 28, 2021


This is an updated version of a post, originally published in October 2019. This post uses AWS CLI version 2 and contains updated versions of all Docker images.


There are two scenarios I frequently encounter that require sharing Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)-based Docker images across multiple AWS Accounts. In the first scenario, a vendor wants to share a Docker image with their customer, stored in the vendor’s private container registry. Many popular container security and observability solutions function in this manner.

Below, we see an example of an application consisting of three containers. Two of the container images originated from the customer’s own ECR repositories (right side). The third image originated from their vendor’s ECR repository (left side).

Vendor sharing private Docker image with customer

In the second scenario, an enterprise operates multiple AWS accounts to create logical security boundaries between environments and responsibilities. The first AWS account contains the enterprise’s deployable assets, including their ECR image repositories. The enterprise has additional accounts, such as Development, Test, Staging, and Production, for each Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phase. The ECR images in the repository account need to be accessed from multiple AWS accounts and often across different AWS Regions for deployment.

Below, we see an example of a deployed application also consisting of three containers. All the container images originated from the ECR repositories account (left side). The images were pulled into the Production account during deployment to ECS (right side).

Customer pulling Docker images from repository account to Production for deployment

This post will explore the first scenario — a vendor who wants to share a private Docker image with their customer securely. The post will demonstrate how to share images across AWS accounts for use with Docker Swarm and Amazon Elastic Container



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